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Ministry Teams Gathering

Gathering the People Together

Dearly Beloved,

We ~ Rev Michelle, Music Minister Amy, Children & Family Ministry Coordinator Tressa, Youth Minister Zach, and Board Chair Dan Schaus ~ warmly invite everyone in any of our church's faithful areas of ministry, to come get together with one another!

Come on, let's get together

Please plan to join the Ministry Team Gathering this Sunday October 15 at 11:45am - 1:15pm. Lunch will be provided (salad bar style). We're going to gather to share information, conversation, prayers, thanks and hellos with everyone in leadership within the church, and then split into focus areas of ministry to connect deeper.

In-church networking, with intention and Spirit

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This is a new monthly gathering, creating a touchstone for the ministry areas in our church, and to build stronger connections in our faith community. Mark your calendars now for our next 2017 gatherings on November 19 and December 17.

Please chat this invitation up with the people you know at Oak Bay United, who are part of ministry area - everyone is invited. We're hoping to see folks from all ministry areas of our church community: Men's Club, the Board, Music, Worship Committee, Refugee and Outreach, Children & Family and Youth, Thrift & Annex, Prayer Shawl and Knitting Group, Prayer Chain, Bible Study, Meditation, Healing Touch, Hospitality...

For more information, please contact any of us. We are looking forward to gathering with everyone on Sunday!


Rev Michelle, Tressa, Amy and Zach