following in faith lent 2018 obuc.jpg

Once there was someone

    who said such amazing things

         and did such wonderful things

              that people started to follow him...

                    and people seek to follow him still.

In the season of Lent, we are invited

     to follow Jesus as he travels to Jerusalem

         to the cross which awaits him...

              and to the tomb which cannot hold him.

Lent is the time to prepare for the mystery of the rising:

        of new life in the midst of death

             of new hope despite despair

                    of new light emerging from darkness.

It is such a great mystery, that we take 40 days to get ready.

In this season, you are invited

       to make space for the rising:

           in your spirit

                  in your life

                      in the world




The Circle of the Church Year.  Each section represents a week in the calendar year. The three main liturgical actions are marked by special symbols. The star is Christmas Day, the cross is Easter Sunday, the flame is Pentecost. The church year starts on the first Sunday in Advent, the first blue section in the Circle of the Church Year.  Lent flows between Epiphany and the start of Easter.