Greeting and Welcome: As the community gathers we are
reminded that all are welcome in this space and in the presence of God.

OBUC-Stained-Glass-announcementsAnnouncements and Celebrations: A voluntary sharing of information important to the congregation, celebrating significant life events such as birthdays, anniversaries and births.

Centering Silence: A time of quiet for individuals to prepare their hearts and minds for worship. The sound of the prayer bowl may be used to help us quiet the many thoughts that clutter our minds.

Presentation of the Symbols of our Faith: Bible, Cross and Candle are brought to the front of the church while the congregation sings (words on the screens).

Lighting of the Christ Candle: The Christ Candle symbolizes the presence of the God whom we, as Christians, know through Jesus Christ. People usually remain seated
during the musical response sung by the congregation.

Opening Prayer: An invitation for God to be especially present during worship and for people to attend to the sacred presence.

Hymn: The words are on the screens. Usually the congregation stands.

Story of Our Faith: The stories of the Bible were, in the beginning not written down, they were told. It is our practice to tell a story from the Bible to the gathered community. Most often this story will contain themes that are carried through in the music, prayers and other talk during the worship service.

Theme Conversation: The theme conversation begins the
process of building a relationship between the Bible story and ourselves and the world in which we live. Although the children and youth who wish may gather at the front of the church the theme conversation contains something for everyone.

Children and Youth leave for Church School:

Those 12-17 are welcome in the Youth Room
(through the Community Hall and Gardner Hall and up the

Those aged 3-11 gather first in Circle in the Community Hall below the sanctuary.
This is a time for recognizing special events, collecting their offerings, music and at times, special multi-aged activities. Then they go into age groupings.

Those aged 3-5 meet in a temporary space in the community aHall until their new room (directly below the music office) is completed.

Those aged 6-11 meet in the chapel, through the community Hall kitchen for "Godly Play", a Montessori approach to Christian Education.

Musical Response as the Children Leave: Reminds everyone - adult, child and youth - that worship continues through other activities, in other parts of the building. The work of children and youth is no less important to the entire
Christian community, than the work of those who remain in the sanctuary.

Scripture Reading(s): One or two readings from the Bible, usually featuring one from the Hebrew Scriptures (sometimes referred to as the Old Testament) and one from the Early Christian Writings (sometimes referred to as the New Testament).

Choir: The choir and/or the bell choir may participate in the service either at this time or after the sermon.

Sermon: A 15-20 minute reflection on a Bible passage that seeks to connect the Bible message to our individual lives and the life of our congregation.

Congregational Response to the Sermon: This may be a creed or a hymn; sometimes it may be a brief period of silence.

Offering: The offering plate is passed and people have the
opportunity to contribute. Some people also contribute through a pre-authorized remittance (PAR) through their bank account. This congregation is self-supporting which means we pay our expenses from the giving of people who attend and the monies raised through initiatives like the Thrift Shop.

Prayers of the People:  These are prayers, which include matters of gratitude and concern for those in the community and in the world.

Lord’s Prayer: Either sung or said.

Closing Hymn: The words are on the screens. Usually the congregation stands.

Commissioning and Benediction: A time when the community is given direction and blessed for the coming week. 

Sending out Song: The symbols of the faith are removed from the altar table and processed out of the Sanctuary. After the symbols are removed and the leaders leave the front, people may make their way to refreshments downstairs or leave.


A short conversation with the new Moderator of the United Church of Canada: 
Rev. Jordan Cantwell

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