What are you seeking?

The people of Oak Bay United Church are called to touch the hearts of people who seek to be disciples of the way of Christ. 

Disciples are people who encounter the power of God, develop their relationship with God, align all aspects of their lives with their faith, discern and develop their spiritual gifts, participate in community and offer themselves for service.

Our purpose is to nurture the spiritual development of those who seek, to provide place for all who seek sacred time and space, and a way to give of themselves to God’s world.

Our facility is our focal point for mission, a place where people are equipped, transformed and empowered to live their call as disciples in the world.

We are committed to living as a community of spiritually passionate and compassionate people. We seek to deepen our connection with God as Creator, Christ and Spirit, to love our neighbour and to participate in our communities. We seek to be rooted in the deep joy and gratitude for the goodness of life, sharing this gift of faith with others. We seek to engage in meaningful, purpose-driven ministry that makes a difference in our lives and the world.

Our mission is to be a vibrant, growing, inclusive and intergenerational Christian church that:

Invites - people into community through radical hospitality
Transforms - our lives through spiritual growth and development
Serves - the world through our people and our gifts 

As we do so, we are building together a life that is:

Passionate - spiritually motivated, compassionate in action
Connected - with God, with each other and with the world
Joyful - reflecting and sharing a joy and grfatitude for life
Relevant - making a difference in our lives and in the world.



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