Free the Song

Music on Sunday morning is for all to participate. As a congregation, Oak Bay United has found its voice and sings enthusiastically, both songs known well and songs that are just being learned. It seems that all those studies on the value of community singing were right! Singing enlivens the spirit and is an important part of a healthy spiritual practice.

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The Sanctuary Choir

Stylistically, the Sanctuary Choir - who gathers mid-week for practice and community, and then helps to lead Sunday 10am Worship & Song -   is eclectic. Our range is from traditional hymns, pop to rock, rhythm & blues, and songs our great grandparents sang to songs written last week. The important part is that we sing together in praise, in prayer, in love, in friendship, in joyfulness, in sadness, in despair and in hope.


Taize Worship

All are welcome to enter an intentional time of prayer, song, silence and scripture ~ worshiping in the style of Taize. Come as you are.

Taize Worship at Oak Bay United is lead by congregation members and Amy Van Wensem, Music Minister, on the 4th Sunday of each month, held in the beautiful Oak Bay United Church sanctuary. Open rehearsal at 7pm.

Taize is a monastaic community in the village of Taize, France. It's a brotherhood committed to practices of peace and community, who created it's own unique flavour of prayerful music, expressing a global commitment to peace. Learn more about Taize here on their website.



SingYourJoy is an independent community choir whose vision is supported by the community of Oak Bay United. Directors Gordon Miller and Christine Chepyha have been leading SingYourJoy since 2011. We applaud their work with young adults, and encourage SingYourJoy's success by hosting their rehearsals in the Oak Bay United Church sanctuary. 

SingYourJoy is a non-auditioned chorus for young adults (16-29) from all walks of life, joining our voices together in an exuberant expression of joy, building friendships, and growing community. This season is 14 weeks long and is your chance to be part of a great community! Rehearsal Space is at Oak Bay United Church (corner of Mitchell & Granite Streets – bus routes 2, 7, 8)