Sharing a Story of Our Faith in Sunday Worship & Song

Sharing a Story of Our Faith in Sunday Worship & Song

Here are some things that may help you prepare for Sunday Worship & Song at Oak Bay United

Come as you are

Regardless of age, culture, gender, marital status, orientation, the state of your bank book, or the state of your faith ~ you are beloved of God, and you are welcome just as you are.

People will come in whatever clothing is comfortable for them - some in dress clothes, some in jeans. There is no dress code at Oak Bay United.

A place for everyone

Families, young children, infants, toddlers, elders - people of all ages! - are equally welcome in the Sanctuary and all areas of the church.  Infants, toddlers and their adults may chose to enjoy the Sanctuary Nursery whenever they need. Infant feeding is welcome anywhere, any time at Oak Bay United. 


Get your bearings

When you arrive on Sunday, greeters will welcome you at the main door and at the elevator door, and offer you the Sunday Worship Sheet (the Worship Sheet tells you more about Oak Bay United, and what the theme of worship is). Please sit where ever you like, including the balcony. Breast/chest-feeding is welcome anywhere, anytime. Chatting and movement in the Sanctuary is common, and so is sitting quietly. The PowerPoint will be on with announcements, and then it will show the order of service once Worship & Song begins.

The church service includes elements of Christian communal worship:  singing songs and hymns, hearing the stories of our faith, expressing silent and spoken prayers, hearing a sermon by the minister or guest preacher, a time to offer financial and spiritual gifts, and sharing announcements towards the end of the service.

Then, a cuppa with friends, new and old

Community continues after Worship & Song with hot and cold drinks served by congregation members in the Community Hall. The Community Hall is on the ground floor of the church building, directly below the Sanctuary.

Christmas Tea at Oak Bay United

Christmas Tea at Oak Bay United

Communion and Baptism

Communion, also known as the Lord's Supper or Eucharist, is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of each month. It is up to you if you'll participate in the spiritual practice of taking Communion. In the United Church of Canada, all are invited and welcome to receive Communion; it is God's table, not our table - and there is a place for every person at it. 

Baptism is celebrated during a usual Sunday service following a meeting between one of the ministers, and the person requesting baptism.

So glad to be welcoming you, soon.